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clan_burnout's Journal

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Clan Burnout
The original group of Con Volunteers, started in a galaxy far away a long time ago. Well okay at a week long birthday party for Burnout but who cares ;-)

It was great for a lot of years then people started burning out and things got crazy and well we fell down on the job then….

Carbon Based Rentals (CBR) was formed. It made sense to have a “business” that could rent out Carbon Based Units to do all the jobs that needed done. Well as time progressed and a lot more to the story than this we grew into what we are today.

So, what are we today? I am glad you asked! We are a family of friends who look out for each other, have fun and volunteer at cons. We have special private parties that you have to be a volunteer to go to and special prizes only available to those registered with CBR. You have to do an hour of con volunteering to get into our parties at con and only those who are members are eligible for the cool prizes – as of Norwescon in 2004 we have given away 5 swords or knives as volunteer prizes to our people and hosted several parties. To earn clan cash you have to volunteer and as a Carbon Unit you are paid for your volunteering just as if you worked for a company like oh, say, Volt.

Outside of cons we also have parties, camping trips and whatever else anyone wants to do and inside of cons we may host parties in addition to auctions, and volunteering. It is all up to the members what we do and when we do it. Oh, did I mention that volunteering for the club counts as volunteer time spent towards Clan Cash and the parties?