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Imperial Proclamation

Imperial Proclamation


From the Throne of the Crystal Palace, Elan Empire, to all sentient beings and denizens of the cosmos,


Greeting and Felicitations


We the Empire of the Elan, being an entity unto itself deem RustyCon 23 worthy to be graced with the divine presence. Our event at RustyCon 23 shall usher in a new chapter of Northwest Fandom...We announce *The Requiem of Prince Ka* and the creation of the *Celestial Convention*.


  • Whereas, Prince Ka (Richard Stierl) attended RustyCon 22 and as that was his last convention before his passing, and at the behest of the Board of Directors of RustyCon 23, the Elan Empire will offer a memorial service to be held for one of our most beloved members, Prince Ka,


  • Furthermore, in the course of natural causes, ill health, or old age, members of Northwest Fandom have crossed through the veil of un-natural sleep, and ascended to a higher plain of existence and are no longer with us on this earthly plain,


  • And whereas, in that ascension we deem a sense of growth in the persons spirit. The need for recognition of their ascendancy in a formal setting is required, and RustyCon 23 being gracious enough to provide the vehicle to begin their journey,


  • And whereas mutual cooperation between the local science fiction and fantasy conventions, fan groups, gamers, dealers, artists and authors will recognize the need for our loved ones to be remembered long after they have departed our world;


We therefore proclaim RustyCon 23 to be the site of a ceremony at 3:30pm on Sunday January 15th at the SeaTac Radisson Hotel in the Chaps convention space off the main check-in desk for the hotel.  The Requiem of Prince Ka will include the ceremony in which stars in the constellation of Ursa Major, also known, as the Big Dipper and the site of the Celestial Convention, will be renamed in honor of those dearly departed. There will be seating set aside for convention attendees, family and friends to witness the proceedings. For this single event, membership badge is excused and will not be required as a courtesy from the RustyCon convention for those friends and family wishing to attend this ceremony. It is our fervent hope that dignitaries from the various facets of NW Fandom and non-dignitaries alike attend this historic occasion.


I remain as always,

His Devine Immortality

Adrian Ariel Rokkhov I



Michael J. Kenmir

Chairman of the Board of Governors

For the Celestial Convention
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