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Rustycon this weekend

Rustycon 24
January 12th to 14th, 2007
Guests of Honor:
•        Writer: Terry Bisson
•        Artist: Rob Alexander
•        Fan Group: I.S.S.
Holiday Inn Seatac Airport
17338 International Boulevard
Seattle, WA 98188
Tel: 206-248-1000

Hi All

Rustycon is coming up and we all would like to see you there.  We are having a Pirate Theme so dust off that pirate costume and the cutlass and come aboard. Here’s is some of the excitement and events that will be going on at this year Rustycon.

-        Plushie Costume Contest
-        Saturday Night Pool Party
-        Live Bands (Dread Effect and Bell's Theorem) and the Casino on Friday
-        NightPirate Hangover Costume Contest
-        The Pirate Cotillion (The Masquerade)
-        Dancing Workshops
-        Pirate Fliking
-        Pirate Booty Chocolate Auction
-        BioHazard, CBR and several others hosting parties
-        Video Gaming

Anthology Launch Party!!!

Celebrate the slug! RustyCon and Pacific Northwest publisher Windstorm Creative launch their fabulous joint effort, "Tales of the Slug," an anthology of science fiction and fiction featuring slugs in hilarious, heroic and often thought-provoking roles. Hear authors read their stories--including the much buzzed about spoof "The Starship Expendable"--browse dozens of SF/F books, RPGs and CCGs, and enjoy the food and refreshments. While you're shmoozing, get a free picture taken with the giant slug Carl, check out the artwork on display and on sale, or play an action-packed hand of the hot new Mardi Gras 3000 collectable card game. Come snag your copy of "Tales of the Slug" for $6 off the retail price and enjoy our jungle of bonus features.
There are hotel rooms still available and there going fast.

Gene Armstrong
Rustycon 24
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