Kate Mulligan Wolfe (corasmama) wrote in clan_burnout,
Kate Mulligan Wolfe

(re)Introducing myself

I'm Kate Mulligan, aka Mom Burnout. I joined Clan Burnout at the veeeeery beginning. (I was the sixth. Burnout said, "hey, I'm starting a clan, ya wanna be my mom?" and I said, "well, if the shoe fits..." But whatever.) I also went briefly by Nearly Naked Burnout, but that's a story for another time...

I went away to hell, (Virginia suburbs of Washington, DC), about 9 years ago, and returned to the area a few years ago. But I'm only now getting back in touch with my old crowd. Went to Norwescon, saw many of you - yay! Oh, and I'm dating Drew, aka Latras (aka once upon a time King Royal, if you remember back that far!), so if you were @ Norwescon, and don't know me, I was the grinning appendage at the end of his left hand!

It's great to be back, and I look forward to seeing even more old and new friends in the future.
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