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Sad News

probably everyone on this community has heard, but I'm posting anyways:

---Initial post
Today on the trip down to Westercon there has been a deadly accident. We
don't have all the details yet but Roberta "Bert" Carlson was killed in a
rollover accident. The family has been told and will keep me informed and I
will keep you informed. They thank us all for there support, but please ask
if you have and sympathy emails you want to send please send them to me at
genecon@hotmail.com and I will get them to the family.

Also in the car was William Boyde, Nez, and Howazor. They are doing ok and
have been released for the hospital. Nick Navota was also in the car and is
being flown to a hospital with a crushed hand and there going to see if they
can save the hand. Bobbie and Jerry are on the seine with them.

If you have any questions you can email me at genecon@hotmail.com or you can
call me at 206-304-4531.

Gene Armstrong

(Sad in my heart for the loss or a great friend)

Hi All

Nick is out of surgery and is pretty much ok.

He has lost 3 figures on his right hand and they have reconnected his right
figure and thumb on his left hand and they will see if the body doesn't
reject them.

Like I said before the others are ok and only have bumps and bruises. They
are very shaken but they have all (with Bobbie and Jerry) got to Vegas.

More later... Please post this to list or LJ

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